Gracie Brave Meet the Author and Book Signing

Congrats to the authors of Gracie Brave for another successful book signing and author event. Get the book today

Gracie Brave suffers from childhood depression. With grace, grit and determination she is on a mission to bring a message of hope, love and healing.

Set against a backdrop of a big city, Gracie sets out on adventures that stir up many emotions. With the love and support of her Mother Claire, her Grandmother and Dr. Benjamin she learns to navigate her daily life. In the end she realizes that she is very brave.

Gracie makes many friendships and affirms the story that we may have differences, but with hope and love we really aren’t that different after all.

As a Mother Daughter team we have partnered together with the aim of helping children and families find their worth, value and voice. We are working to help all kids understand how they can handle the challenges of growing up.

What is your brave story?

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