Congrats Raymond E Fowler for hitting #1 Amazon Best Seller

Congrats Raymond E Fowler for hitting #1 Amazon Best Seller in 3 Categories UFOs The Ultimate Abduction BUY NOW ON AMAZON

This book addresses and answers a rampant question within UFOlogy, whether UFOS are physical or psychic in nature. In my early days as a UFO investigator I would throw UFO reports that contained paranormal phenomena in the proverbial wastebasket. My position, etched in the halls of Congress, was that UFOS were machine-like physical craft from another star system. However, as time went by, I watched in dismay as several respected UFO researchers moved from a physical to a psychic interpretation of the UFO phenomenon. Little did I know then that my own view would also slowly but surely be honed to accommodate ever deeper levels of the psychic components triggered by the UFO experience.

Stringed to together by amazing synchronicities, I became obsessed, one after the other with UFO Abductions, Out-of-the-body experiences, Near Death Experiences, After Death Communications, Quantum Physics, and the Time Slip Phenomenon. Studies of these phenomena led me to the startling conclusion that they, and UFOS, are interconnected and all part of one encompassing metaphenomenon. I concluded that UFOS originate from the dimension NDErs describe and that we are transitory citizens of that world of Light who shuffle back and forth between a particle dimension and a wave (light) dimension through reincarnation.

The UFO abductions reflect UFO entities monitoring and caring for the human particle form in preparation for their metamorphosizing by OBES into a new body of light in the afterlife dimension. The robed human-appearing entities that greed NDErs at the world of light appear to be controlling this process and to be genetically related to humans. PLES on the other hand reflect physical humans returning and repeating this process by reincarnation as part of a natural constant inter-balanced exchange between matter and energy – between particle and wave. Inconceivable as this might be to the reader, the final analysis reached by the author is that UFOS represent a final abduction for one’s current life and that we are property!

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