Congrats to Allison Hill and Joan Satter #1 Amazon Best Seller

Congrats to Allison Hill #1 Amazon Best Seller Feeding Family, Feeding America by Allison Hill BUY NOW ON AMAZON

Our family took our quarantine time to create a cookbook of our favorite meals to benefit those most in need, donating proceeds to Feeding America, the nation’s largest and most effective organization dedicated to fighting domestic hunger through a network of food banks. Each book purchased will provide up to 100 meals.

This book is meant to give ideas for creating delicious, flavorful foods that take very little effort and the whole family loves. We also included the influence of one of our town’s best, local ingredients we pick up straight from the boats on the dock – lobster!

It wouldn’t be a family cookbook without the whole family participating as key grips, food stylists and taste testers. My daughter Cristina (16) was food photographer; Chauncey (19) was creative director; and, my nieces Carlisle (22), Cate (19) and Caroline (16) took the lead with naming and food styling. Noni (76) cooked, tasted and edited, edited, and edited until she couldn’t take it anymore. Pop (76) just tasted. We loved working on our project…together.

We hope you enjoy this peek into our family recipes, all while helping others.

Proceeds are donated to the non-profit hunger relief organization, Feeding America

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