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Stars on the Oriental Corridor: Book 1: Heaven by Young-Tae Kim 

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From where did Koreans, Japanese, and Manchurians come? How could they develop their skills and culture? What are their roots? When did they fight and help one another? Why have they survived over the tough years? Do you want to know about stars in histories of the Orient? Particularly in the period from pre-historic age to the 7th Century A.D.?

Then, please read “The Stars on the Oriental Corridor” written by Y.T. Kim, a Korean poet, historian, and narrator.

Exciting stories of heroes and heroines in politics, religion, culture, arts, and military in Northeast Asia will give you better knowledge about the outstanding people who started from nomads to settle as agricultural people.

“The Stars on the Oriental Corridor” is a series of historical fiction in three volumes of “Heaven,” “Earth,” and “Humanity.”

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