Author creates guide to avoiding toxic chemical exposure in everyday life

Cindy Klement started working in the health field in the late 1970s, but her experience didn’t prepare her for what she discovered while researching everyday chemicals.

From dangerous health effects to minimal testing to public policy that allows “grandfathering” under the Toxic Substance Control Act, the trail raised concerns that built into alarm.

“The only way we have control over these is to take a deep look at where we’re being exposed,” she said.

She’s hoping to help people do that through her new book, “Your Body’s Environmental Chemical Burden.”

Klement is an Ann Arbor-based nutritionist and adjunct professor at Eastern Michigan University, where she’s taught a graduate-level course on integrative medicine.

The book, published in late 2018, is the end result of her research. Many products, she found, don’t come with disclosures on contents unless a consumer will ingest them or rub them onto their skin.

“(Manufacturers) don’t want people knowing what’s in the products,” Klement said.

Her initial inquiry generated about 400,000 research articles, and she started to plow through many of them, building understanding and concern.

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