Change by Dylan Anders Porter $10.00
This romance story follows the life of character Pete Hudson through his own perspective. The novel includes friendship, betrayal, mystery, violence, sadness, happiness, sex, love,
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I Married a Dead Man $8.68
The book titled above is a story of a women who learned that money can't buy you happiness. You know some times you find love
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Rewriting Your Happily Ever After $14.99
Although you are never prepared to deal with the stress, trauma, upheaval and changes caused by the end of a marriage, particularly a long-term one,
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The Greatest Magician That Ever Came to Be $12.99
Once in a while something new comes along that few people can relate. However, in this children's story book (The Greatest Magician That Ever Came
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While You Were Gone by Rosalie P. Oropesa $13.93
"While You Were Gone" tells the story of a woman escaping a miserable marriage and reconciling with her past love. Harriet is a fashion model
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