The Banished Medieval Queen $12.99
Queen Bertrada, King Charlemagne's mother, banishes his first wife, sending Himiltrude and her son from the Frankish court in the early hours of a winter
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The Carolingian Chronicles: Book 2 $14.99
King Charlemagne waits impatiently for Oliver's return. Will his Peer find Hildegard, the love of his life; or has he lost her forever? Will his
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The Carolingian Chronicles: Book 3 $14.99
King Charlemagne's eldest daughter, Rotrud, is disgusted with her father. Buoyant and excited, she is in love with the third-born son of a Frankish count.
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Warrior, Lover, King: Book 1 $16.99
Warrior, Lover, King recounts the tale of the eighth-century, barbarian king, Charlemagne, known for his love of learning, his commitment to the spread of Christianity,
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