Journey Girls….. $14.95
Journey Girls..... Journey Girls is an unforgettable story about the power of women who are bound together by generations of friendship. Meghan Kingston, an Interior
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Journey Girls….. 3….. Traveling To Indy $12.00
Journey Girls.....3.....Traveling to Indy, takes place one year after the marriage of DOC and Meg, the death of Miss Kate, and the addition of beautiful
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Journey Girls…..2 …..in the Garden $12.00
Journey Girls 2: In The Garden is the sequel to Journey Girls: At Marigolds. It is the remarkable story of Meg, Ellie, Anna, Jenny, Karen,
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PJ’s, Pearls and Fishing Poles: Life Lessons of Style and Substance $14.95
There wasn’t one specific moment that I decided to write this book but more a collection of remarkable Hospice stories that very much needed to be shared.
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