Coach, What am I Doing Wrong? by Dana Bradshaw $14.99
Failure is an inescapable fact of life. We must deal with it, and so must our children. If we are to help them, we must
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Dad Gets Roller Blades: The Adventures of Alex by Michael Caron $3.52
Michael J. Caron, a resident of Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania, has been an entrepreneur, coach, mentor, father, and grandfather who has always loved to write. For
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Dad Learns to Swim: The Adventures of Alex by Michael Caron $19.99
Alex loves his Dad, but whenever he and Dad get together for an adventure things seem to turn upside down. In 'Dad Learns to Swim',
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Hometown Home Run (Based on a True Story) $16.99
Murdock Nolan was a fine young man living and working in the small Ohio town of Stone Harbour, which is nestled just south of Lake
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The Backwards K $4.73
The Backwards K is the latest inspirational novel from bestselling author J.J. Hebert. Featuring relatable characters facing heartfelt struggles, The Backwards K is for anyone who believes winning begins with
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The Groundbreakers! (There Is a First Time for Everything $10.47
The Groundbreakers! (There Is a First Time for Everything: 1,804 Answers to First Time Happenings in Major League Baseball That You Were Curious to Know
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