Aaron Maxwell: Free Spacer by David Whitley $2.35
Free Spacer, a light-hearted romp, centers on 'spacer' Aaron Maxwell as he explores his end of the galaxy with his ship the Achilles Bane and
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Northwest Bones by Russell Valley $11.99
Follow Timothy and Joshua as they explore a Pacific Northwest Forest finding the fossil of a Dinosaur. Secretly digging keeps them busy until big sister
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Zeva: The Election $16.99
Tristan's first mission on Earth is to find and get Ember out of harm's way. With her in the middle of an alien invasion and
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Zombieblood by Felicity Kadlec $8.79
Misunderstood by her family, living in two separate fantasies and having nobody else but her older cousin, dolls and zombiefied imaginary friends as her companions,
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