I Forgive by Nathaniel B. Copeland $16.37
America was changing. Things were happening so fast that you didn't have time to adjust to yesterday's 'new thing.' President JFK was flying to Dallas.
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Rewriting Your Happily Ever After $14.99
Although you are never prepared to deal with the stress, trauma, upheaval and changes caused by the end of a marriage, particularly a long-term one,
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Unforgettable Faces & Stories: Best Friends: Forever and Ever $9.99
There are so many everyday people that want to tell their stories, share their feelings, and photographs on all different topics, but where do they
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Unforgettable Faces & Stories: Dedications: Dads and Daughters $9.99
Were you "Daddy's Little Girl"? Did you share that special relationship with your Dad? Did your Dad serve in the military and not talk much
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Unforgettable Faces & Stories: Keepsakes $14.73
We all have something that reminds us of someone we loved and lost. Our lives are so busy today and we are running around and
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While You Were Gone by Rosalie P. Oropesa $13.93
"While You Were Gone" tells the story of a woman escaping a miserable marriage and reconciling with her past love. Harriet is a fashion model
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