A is for Adjective $17.00
A is for Adjective is for ANY L1 (language one) or L2 (language two) speakers of the English language who might be in the process
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Between London and Paris $29.99
Between London and Paris (Russian Language Version) (Russian Edition)
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Death in Westchester by Richard K. Roos $19.99
A highly respected Westchester psychotherapist is murdered. A vast cover-up ensues involving corrupt politicians, mobsters, and police. When the investigation hits a wall of legal
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Nachash’s Narrative by Volker G. Fremuth $14.99
After the gruesome death of a woman gets the attention of a shadowy federal task force, Washington DC Police Officer Leroy MacRay and Newspaper Reporter Rebecca Glendale
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The Workshop $17.99
Ask yourself: What if Santa Clause was real? Jason Pelham is a senior manager whose talents propel him toward the top of the food chain
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Toxic Sphere: Volume 2: Liars and Defilers $13.77
An Evil Rises. The Last War Draws Near. Investigative journalist Bob Fullerby, leaders of the Back-to-Basics Club, and President Demnar Tarish of Domataland have one
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