Between an Artist and a Dreamer $14.99
A collection of poetry, thoughts, and art expressing a deeper level of love, our relationship with our Creator, and with each other. A dance between
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Bridge Beneath the Sky $11.00
Is there a God or compelling force behind our existence? Is there a particular way we should live? Do we continue in some fashion beyond
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From Zero to Sixty and Then Some by David Schuman $16.99
This is not an autobiography in any typical sense. While people are interested in Obama’s life or Gandhi’s life, there is no such interest in my life.
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Love Have No Boundaries by Bilaal Muhammad $2.89
Love Have No Boundaries is a collection of short stories and poems that addresses the passion “Love.” Bilaal believes that love is the true conqueror of
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The King with No Kingdom by Max Snyder $3.13
Do you know of a King who had no kingdom? What was the Bumblebee's Plight? Have you ever met an Eccentric Con Man? How far
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Thomas Jefferson: Lessons from a Secret Buddha $7.43
Thomas Jefferson. Few in world history could claim such an astonishing array of talents and achievements. A true American legend, he played a pivotal role
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