19: I Never Had a Birthday in Vietnam by Charles E. Restivo $12.99
19: I never had a birthday in Vietnam was written to show how the guys out in the field lived from day to day and
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A Rookie’s Year: Occupying the Land of the Rising Sun: 1947 $13.99
Immediately after the end of our war with Japan the US Army wanted to bring worn-out Pacific veterans home quickly. To replace them and carry
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Between an Artist and a Dreamer $14.99
A collection of poetry, thoughts, and art expressing a deeper level of love, our relationship with our Creator, and with each other. A dance between
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Bridge Beneath the Sky $11.00
Is there a God or compelling force behind our existence? Is there a particular way we should live? Do we continue in some fashion beyond
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From Zero to Sixty and Then Some by David Schuman $16.99
This is not an autobiography in any typical sense. While people are interested in Obama’s life or Gandhi’s life, there is no such interest in my life.
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The Lost Musicians by Donald Kitain $14.99
Here is the sometimes heartbreaking and often humorous true story of four intensely musically gifted brothers who lived and performed around the world for nearly
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