Liam’s Lost It $14.94
Little Liam has lost his imagination! Can he find it again? Come along with Liam as he searches through backyard jungles, across the high seas
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Rag Doll Tales by Yvonne Augustin $13.99
The night was cold, as cold as her feelings. A young slave mother named Mabel sewed all night. Her candlelight creation yielded a crude Rag
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Rag Doll Tales Mama Mabel’s Story, the Journey $11.99
Mabel was sad. Everyone in the slave quarters knew it. The master knew it, but nobody knew how to see her smile again. The children
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The Adventures of Maddy Morphis $9.99
Maddy Morphis is an enchanting story about a caterpillar who is blown about in a violent storm. Suddenly she is struck by lightning and changed
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The Obstacle Course: The Long Road to Discipleship $24.99
Take a ride with me, from the farm in '41 to Germany in '46, to Dachau and even in a C-47 during the Berlin Airlift.
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Zeva: The Election $16.99
Tristan's first mission on Earth is to find and get Ember out of harm's way. With her in the middle of an alien invasion and
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