Buzz the Heroic Housefly $18.99
Buzz the housefly always dreamed about being a firefly. He thought the way in which the fireflies' lights lit up the darkness was really awesome.
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Sammy the Dump Truck / Sammy el Camión Volquete (English and Spanish Edition) $14.99
Sammy the Dump Truck is a simple, children’s story, presented in both English and Spanish geared toward the beginning reader.  Sammy is a caring and generous
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The Adventures of a Floatplane Named Kodiak $13.99
Come join Kodiak for his next flight! Kodiak is a floatplane that is enjoying amazing adventures in the wondrous state of Alaska. Flying high above
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The Boy Who Dreamt of Fire Trucks $19.99
This story is about a little boy who is fascinated by fire trucks. Throughout his early life, he has dreams about the adventures at the station and the
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