Fishing in Grandpa’s Boat by Debra Goebel $12.99
Many people, and maybe… Michael’s favorite summer pass time is fishing. While Michael is staying at his grandparent’s cabin, he wishes to go fishing with
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Have You Seen Lola and Larry Loon? by Debra Goebel $9.66
Ann is a little girl who questions her Grandma many times. She loves to spend time at her Grandparents cabin on the lake. One special summer, Ann is intrigued
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Jay Jay Finds a Friend $9.99
Jay Jay is growing up and wants to go exploring. He wants to go alone like the bigger birds do. He is hoping to find
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Rupert Saves the Day $9.99
Rupert Saves the Day is a true story with a purpose. This book is dedicated to wonderful Rupert, an African Gray parrot who saved his owner’s
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Through Talen’s Eyes: “Grandma, What Is Prayer?” by Rosebud Alford Turner $9.99
Through Talen's Eyes: "Grandma, What is Prayer?" is a profound yet practical story that explains the spiritual discipline of prayer. This book, the second in
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Through Talen’s Eyes: A Visit to Grandma’s House by Rosebud Alford Turner $10.99
"Through Talen's Eyes: A Visit to Grandma's House" is a delightful story about the fun a little boy and his grandmother have whenever he comes
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