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Warren Chaney

AMERICAN AUTHOR, FILMMAKER, ARTIST, BEHAVIORAL SCIENTIST, AND PIONEER IN EARLY TELEVISION Warren Chaney is an American author, filmmaker, artist, behavioral scientist, and pioneer in early television. He holds a Doctorate degree (Behavioral Science & Management), an MBA (Finance), and a Bachelor of Science with a double major (Marketing & Speech and Theatre). IN A WIDE-RANGING CAREER, DR. CHANEY HAS WRITTEN 26 BOOKS INCLUDING 5 NOVELS ALONG WITH 16 SCREENPLAYS, 9 THEATRICAL DRAMAS, AND MORE THAN 250 PROFESSIONAL AND NON-PROFESSIONAL MAGAZINE AND JOURNAL ARTICLES. He has written entries for Colliers Encyclopedia and was an editor for two publications, one in health care and the other, a fictional detective journal. He has produced 9 feature films and directed 8 in addition to producing and directing numerous television productions including 150 episodes of the pioneering television series, Magic Mansion. His work has received considerable recognition and numerous awards. Dr. Chaney has a heavy background in behavioral science and management consulting and has been featured in national publications and mass media to include Good Morning America, Real People, PM Magazine, CBS Weekend News and ABC Radio. Chaney established the first public university Health Services Administration program for the state of Texas, served on multiple boards of directors and advisory boards of public companies, and is considered a leader in the field of neuroplastic development of cognitive functions. Chaney was an officer in the United States Army and served in multiple military commands during the Vietnam Era. He was born in Kentucky, a native of Hopkinsville, and was educated in Tennessee and Texas. Dr. Chaney now resides in Houston, Texas, is married and has five children.

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