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M. Robert Neuman

I was born in 1957 and grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In 1985 I met Sara in Minnesota and we got married a year later. We have been living in Tampa, Florida since 1994 with our three boys, Nicholas (26), Jackson (23) and Marcus (21) and we now have a Great Dane puppy, Opie. All three boys attend or attended the University of Central Florida. I am tax attorney and part owner of a payroll tax-consulting firm, SALT Payroll Consultants. During the later part of the 1990's I wrote a number of children's picture books based upon our family. I had no idea on what to do to get these published so they remained on the computer until the end of 2013. "Clawing & Scratching & Thumping About" was the first book I wrote and is about my middle son's bad dreams. It was written to laugh about the dreams as the tables were turned and Dad got scared. "If I Could Change Baseball," was published in July 2014. I wrote this book while coaching the three boys. I started writing again and my third book is about Christmas and other holidays and titled, "Merry Christmas from the Big Guy, the Rabbit and the Fairy." Hopefully this will be out by Christmas 2014. It is based on conversations my first two boys had. Thank you.

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